HM Suspension Custom Bed Cage/Bypass Rack

$2,200.00 - $2,578.00
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Designed and fabricagted in-house, the HM Bed Cage and Bypass Rack setup is a modular cage that allows almost infinit adjutability in the setup, attachments and bed stoarage. 

All chromoly and tig welded, or mig welded, made to bolt up directly to the frame through your bed bolts. The cage can be designed to have your spares laid flat, stacked in two's or up-right toward the front of the bed by the cab. You can move around the spare mount as well. The cage comes with a ProEagle Jack mount built into the setup. It can be as shown or placed to your specifications. 

you can add to this design or ask us to change it as needed. Additonal fees will apply. 


The cages comes Powder Coated black unless specified otherwise. 


*All sales on custom orders/kits are final. No refunds on deposits or cancellations. HM may choose to refund a portion of your deposit, limitation may apply.